We tailor our services to meet clients’ specific needs. Our services include design and artwork supply.

Design area includes

- Residential Printing & Frame serve

- Decoration feature for public area & rooms

- Restaurant decoration and lighting

- Resort and apartment Wall Art & fitting

Our design services

We help our clients to define the theme and objective of the area/project by utilising our knowledge and experience to achieve the desired atmosphere for the client.

There are many benefits why you would use metal forms for decorative design.  It is strong, longivity, cost effective and flexible (shape, color, texture & finish).

Our past projects that we have completed successfully have included design, fabrication and installation of metal decorative pieces.

Our clients include,

- Restaurant decoration in Beijing

- Apartment wall decor in Olympian City - Hong Kong

- Jockey Club restaurant - Happy Valley, Hong Kong....

Our craftsman have over 20 years craftsmanship and experience in production of artwork and this combined with our knowledge and experience to craft new concepts and unique ideas